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well it depends what country your look for or state but since you want the us virgina,atlantic,ect :)

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Q: Which American states still allow slavery?
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Does the American anti slavery society still exist today?

No. Slavery was outlawed in the US in 1867 and the American Anti-Slavery Society was dissolved in 1870.

Why did slavery continue after American Revolution?

Slavery has been with us since before recorded history.It is STILL with us. Do not think that because some countries have outlawed it that is is no longer happening.Nor did the 'American revolution' have anything to do with the abolishment of slavery in the US.

How did the political system fail to contain slavery as a political issue following the Mexican war?

A big factor was whether slavery was to exist in the newly formed western states and in the territory acquired in the American mexican war. The south of course wanted slavery to exist there and to have pro slavery senators and representatives in those new states to assure that any legislative means to abolish slavery would be blocked. However it became apparent that much of the newly formed states would not favor slavery. The south anticipated that they eventually would be the minority in congress. Moreover with Lincoln and the republicans in power it became evident that congress may soon abolish slavery. Also slavery was essential to the south's economy and cotton became a huge industry. Wealthy land owners would not allow the north to abolish slavery. Also there was still a romantic image of war and both sides believed the war would be over after a few battles. Apparently they were wrong.

What amendments prohibited certain practice by states?


Lincolns famous proclamtion?

His most noted proclamation was the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in the states that had seceeded. (Not in the states still in the Union. I assume you mean that and not the Gettysburg Address, his most famous speech.

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What are the states that allow slavery?

Slavery is illegal in all states in the United States. The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, adopted in 1865, abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime.

Was slavery still going on in 1948?

Slavery in the United States was not still going on in 1948. In other parts of the world slavery did still exist in 1948.

Why shouldn't slavery still be legal in some states?

Because slavery is wrong.

Did all states end slavery in 1865?

No, slavery still excises to this day.

Does the American anti slavery society still exist today?

No. Slavery was outlawed in the US in 1867 and the American Anti-Slavery Society was dissolved in 1870.

Are blacks still in slavery?

Some are still were people are tyrant. And in some places there aren't slaves. About all states have NO .slaves

What states in the US still have slavery?

Where have you been slavery is illegal unless you talking about sex slaves

What were the states that allowed slavery but were still loyal to the union called?

The Border states, or the Buffer states.

How many union states still practiced slavery?

There were four states of the Upper South - Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware - that remained loyal to the Union, and were allowed to continue practising slavery throughout the war. There was also the District of Columbia, where slavery was not outlawed till 1862, and then the new state of West Virginia, which joined the Union in 1863 and continued to practise slavery, though only on a small scale.

Is their still slavery in the us?

As of August 2014, there is no slavery allowed in the United States. Slavery was abolished on December 6, 1865.

Which two states in the us does slavery still exist?


How is African American slavery compared to serfdom?

African American slavery in the United States was based on race and chattel slavery, where individuals were considered property with no rights or freedoms. Serfdom in Europe was based on feudal obligations and tied individuals to the land, but they still had some limited rights and could eventually buy their freedom. Overall, African American slavery was more brutal and dehumanizing compared to serfdom.