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The Warren Court (1953-1969)

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Q: Which Supreme Court era is remembered for its concern with protecting the innocent against massive power of the state in criminal proceedings?
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What are the lyrics to Pat's Justice Innocent Criminal poem?

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Is Criminal procedure in favor of the accused?

The procedure is biased in favor of the criminal in the United States. The innocent until proven guilty is an attempt to be sure that innocent people are not convicted.

What does Batman use his powers for?

Protecting the innocent and beating the living daylights out of the guilty

How Will World War 1 Be Remembered in future generations?

How the first world war will be remembered depends on the way the story is told. Some believe it was a waste of innocent lives.

Why does reverend hale denounce the court proceedings?

he is fed up with everyone, and he believes that all the accused are innocent but no one is listening to him.

What is the legal process by which one is found guilty or innocent?

A person is never found innocent. A person is found guilty or not guilty at the verdict phase of a criminal trial.

What are criminal justice jobs?

Criminal justice jobs involve solving criminal cases. You would have to examine evidences and witnesses, hear debates from prosecutors and defendant, and decide whether a person is guilty or innocent.

What is it called to kill innocent people?

Killing innocent people is commonly referred to as murder or homicide. It is a criminal act that is punishable by law.

Who takes your cruel world and uses it for good spending their time in the silent dark protecting the innocent and obliterating the corrupt?

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What would happen if you didnt have criminal justice?

Criminals wouldn't be trialed fairly, or they would rome freely. The Innocent could be mixed in with the guiltly and you can put an innocent mans life in behind bars. Or the alternative, the Guilty could be treated as an innocent and could be let go. In conclusion, if we didn't have criminal justice there is no point on having any laws, if justice won't be served.

What type of tort can an accused person initiate if criminal proceedings end in favor of the accused person?

According to the Torts Personal Injury Litigation 4thed by William Statsky textbook on pg 134 It says that an accused person can file a Malicious Prosecution Tort when the proceedings end in their favor.Added: Despite common misconception by the public to the contrary, a defendant in a criminal trial is NEVER declared "innocent" of the charge, they are simply found 'not guilty." Therefore a criminal trial can never truly be said to end in the defendant's "favor."If you were found 'not guilty'and you believe that you have sufficient evidence to prove that a civil wrong was committed against you by either the victim/complainant and/or the state itself, you may file suit against either or both at your discretion.

Can someone be found innocent in a criminal case yet be found liable or guilty civilly for the same event?