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Q: Which US president was in power during the Suez Canal Crisis?
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Who were the political leaders that were in power in the US and in the USSR during the Cuban missile crisis?

President John F. Kennedy was in power in the US.Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was in power in the USSR.

Should the president have more power during times of crisis?

Ask a opinionated question, get a opinionated answer. No, it didn't help the USSR any with their troubles and they had all the power you could ask for.

Who was in power in Cuba during the crisis?

The Cuban missile crisis occurred almost four years after Fidel Castro's takeover of the country.

In times of crisis who did the Romans choose to lead the city?

During the period of the Roman Republic, there were two heads of state called consuls. They were elected for a one-year term and each had veto power over the other. However, during periods of crisis they could nominate a dictator who had absolute power for the duration of the crisis.

Why is power so critical during a national crisis?

maybe because everybody needs to use it

How did the Suez crisis raise cold war tension?

the united states and the Soviet Union held the balance of power

What did the emergence banking act give president Roosevelt the authority to do?

It gave him the power to strengthen and recognize banks that should reopen.

Changes in the balance of power among the three branches of th federal government during the 20th century have resulted from the?

Expansion of executive power during periods of crisis

Does the president have the power to serve as a senator during his term?

No- the president had to give up his seat in the Senate when he became president/

What is power crisis?

when the power runs out

What episode does sailor moon use the crisis power?

What episode does sailor moon use crisis power

Who had power in the US during the great depression?

Herbert Hoover was president.