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legislative branch

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Q: Which branch of government must approve treaties made with other countries?
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Who must approve any treaties that are made with freign countries?

The Legislative Branch

Who must approve any treaties that are made by the US with foreign countries?

In the US, only the Federal Government can do this; states cannot do this individually.

What branch of government has the power to approve treaties made by the us?

Its d senate

What branch of government negotiates treaties?

The executive (the President) negotiates the terms of treaties. The Senate must approve them as a condition of their ratification.

What branch can approve treaties?

The Legislative branch but more specifically the Senate. The president proposes but the Senate must approve by 2/3 of the vote.

What limits the presidents power to make treaties with other countries?

The Senate must approve treaties and presidential appointments.

What part of congress must approve all treaties made with foreign nations?

The Senate ratifies treaties entered into by the executive branch of government.

What branch must approve the presidents treaties?


Which brach makes treaties with other countries?

The executive branch of a government is typically responsible for negotiating and entering into treaties with other countries. In the United States, for example, the President has the authority to negotiate and sign treaties, although they must be approved by the Senate.

What is the practice of having treaties negotiated by the executive branch and then submitted to the senate for its consent?

The answer is the legislative branch can approve treaties to settle argument that are unconstitutional. Hope it helped!

Who has to the power to approve presidential appointments and ratify treaties?

The Legislative Branch can ratify treaties; The Senate approves Presidential Appointments

What branch of government reviews treaties?

The Judaical branch