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Necessary and proper

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Q: Which constitutional idea did Alexander Hamilton use to argue for the ability to collect taxes?
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What is the Constitutional framework of taxation in India?

The constitutional framework of taxation in India gives the government the power to collect taxes. Chapter six of the Indian constitution highlights on direct and indirect taxes.

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Alexander Hamilton never served as president. However he is honored on the 10 bill. Do you think this is appropriate?

Yes. He was a leader in setting up the monetary system of the US and served as the secretary of treasury where he established a firm fiscal policy and affirmed the power of the new federal government to collect taxes.

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When could states collect taxes but the federal government could not?

The federal government had no ability to tax when it was operating under the Articles of Confederation. The US Constitution provided the federal government authority to collect taxes; the Sixteenth Amendment, ratified in 1913, added the ability to levy taxes on income.

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