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Q: Which country or countries used indirect rule?
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Did Singapore colonizers use direct or indirect rule?

Signapore colonizers used indirect rule. :)

Why the British used indirect rule?

to protect traditional rulers agaist their enemies

How did the French and British differ in the tactics they used to control their empires in Asia?

The British ruled directly over their colonies, while the French did not.

What methods of rule did Europeans use to govern foreign lands?

Sometimes they governed by direct rule. Indirect rule or a protectorate or they used the sphere of influence.

Why was indirect rule not always used?

Indirect rule was not always used because some regions had more complex social structures or were less receptive to external authority, making direct rule more practical. Additionally, some colonial administrators believed direct rule was more efficient in promoting cultural assimilation and quicker in implementing policies. Lastly, in some cases, the costs associated with maintaining indirect rule were deemed too high compared to the benefits.

Who European nations used indirect rule in its colonies?

the nation that had all the short black people

The two countries aidded by the Monroe Doctrine?

No country was "aided" by the Monroe doctrine. It was used to replace Spanish rule in Cuba and French rule in Mexico with American puppet regimes.

What type of control is used when foreign officials are brought in to rule there is no self rule the goal is assimilation and government institutions are based only on European styles?

Indirect Rule

Under the policy of Britain used existing political structures to govern its territories in Nigeria?

indirect rule

How did the colonists use direct or indirect rule to govern Vietnam?

they used direct to contol the government in Vietnam

How are direct and indirect rule different why was indirect rule was not always used?

You need to answer this question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. He/she doesn’t want us to answer. You have two questions to answer with this so make sure you do that.

Did France have a indirect or direct rule?

The French used direct rule to govern Vietnam.