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income tax

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Q: Which direct tax gives maximum net revenue to the government?
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Which state gives the maximum revenue to the central?


Which of the tax gives the maximum revenue in Union Budget?

excise duty

Who gives maximum corporate tax to government of India?


Who is gives maximum tax in India government?

Income Tax

Which system of government gives people the most political choice?

Direct democracy

What is the practice called which one level of government gives money to other levels of government to cover the cost of certain services?

Its called "Beard Ick"

What is the name of the government system that gives money and food to the poor during the great depression?

Direct relief

A government that is elected by the people raises taxes is it legitimate or illegitimate?

Yes. If the government elected by the people needs more revenue to provide the services the people want and need, then it can raise taxes to get that revenue. That is one of the primary functions of government. For example, in the United States, the Constitution gives the Congress the power to raise taxes in Article 1, Section 8.

What is meant by the term direct pay?

Direct pay is that the money you get will go straight into your bank. You will have to sign a few papers to get the process started. The Direct Payments scheme is a UK Government initiative in the field of Social Services that gives users money directly to pay for their own care, rather than the traditional route of a Local Government Authority providing care for them.

Did the framers of the Constitution created a system of a government based on the principles of direct democracy?

NO. The United States is a representative democracy and its Constitution gives no provisions for direct democracy.

Which thermodynamic process gives maximum work?

An isothermal process gives maximum work because it occurs at constant temperature, allowing for the maximum possible conversion of heat energy into work.

What is the difference between government revenue and GDP?

Tax revenue is the income that the government gains through individuals paying their taxes. Non tax revenue is any other income the government gets that is not from individuals paying their taxes.