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the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence

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Q: Which documents express a desire for independence the Mayflower Compact the Declaration of Independence or the letter by Columbus?
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A justification for the American Revolution can be found in which of the following historical documents?

Mayflower CompactFundamental Orders of ConnecticutConstitutionDeclaration of IndependenceYour answer is "D", Declaration of Independence

What documents states that all men are created equal?

Declaration of Independence

The Venezuelan Declaration of Independence relied heavily upon what other documents?

declaration of Independence

What documents include the phrase life Liberty the pursuit of happiness?

Declaration of Independence does.

Which documents do express a desire for independence?

The Declaration of Independence and the speech of Tecumseh.

What documents form the basis of the military' professional ideals?

the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

What documents in American politics are influenced by John Locke?

the constitution and declaration of independence

What documents influenced ideas about Government in the United States?

The documents that influenced ideas about government include: - Magna Carta - The Constitution - English Bill of Rights - Mayflower Compact - Declaration of Independence - State Constitutions - Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

What documents are on display at the National Archives in Washington D.C?

US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, legal documents.

What were the names of the famous documents that led America to declare independence?

The declaration of independence

What documents forced Britain to officially recognize American independence?

the Declaration of Independence

Is the Declaration of Independence in the constitution?

No, they are separate documents.