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Q: Which ethnic group is characterized as being of mixed black and white ancestry?
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How many people from an ethnic minority are members of parliament in the UK?

27 seats are held by members of ethnic minorities. 27 people of African, Asian, or Caribbean descent were voted into parliament on May 6, almost double the previous number. Ashok Viswanathan, from the campaign group Operation Black Vote, credits the increase, in part, to a record number of ethnic minorities who voted. "Turnout went from 61 percent to 65 percent overall, and within the black minority ethnic communities it went from around 45 percent to around 55 percent," Viswanathan said. "So a greater increase in turn out amongst black minority ethnic communities than the increase by the wider electorate."

Does black American slavery exist today?

Slavery was abolished in America shortly after the Civil War, by constitutional amendment. Criminals (particularly pimps) are still sometimes able to enslave people, but this is highly illegal. People of African ancestry have exactly the same legal status in the US as people of European or any other ancestry. As Thomas Jefferson said, all men are created equal.

Who saved George Washington from being poisoned?

A black girl named phoebe.

What is garveyism?

Garveyism is an aspect of Black Nationalism which takes its source from the works, words and deeds of UNIA-ACL founder Marcus Garvey. The fundamental focus of Garveyism is the complete, total and never ending redemption of the continent of Africa by people of African ancestry, at home and abroad.

Why should you consider yourself black if im not all black?

In English, at the present time, there is no word for partly black. "Part black" is not a word for being half white and half black; it's a adjective. "Mixed" is as close as you can get. People that are half black and half white refer to themselves usually as "black", because, allegedly, mixed race people in this country are treated as if they are black exclusively. I don't agree but that's what most people say. To me, Obama is half white and half black. Most people, including the President, refer to him as black even though his mother was 100% white.

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What is Quincy Jones' ethnic background?

Black with European ancestry

What is a mulatto?

A mulatto is a person with black ancestry and white ancestry, or black and white parents. This term is not in technical use these days, and is found offensive in some cultures, but endearing in others.

Who is considered a mulatto?

A mulatto typically refers to a person of mixed African and European descent. This term was historically used to describe individuals with one Black parent and one White parent. However, the term is problematic and outdated, and it is now more appropriate to refer to individuals by their specific racial and ethnic backgrounds.

What ethnic groups are in Nicaragua?

The ethnic groups in Nicaragua include mestizos, white, black and Amerindian. The largest ethnic group is the mestizo group comprising about 69 percent of the population. Mestizos are people of both white and Amerindian ancestry. .

What is the term for a white and black ancestry?

A person with a Caucasian and African ancestry was called a Mulatto.

What does BME mean black minority ethnic or black multi racial equality?

BME stands for Black and Minority Ethnic.

Is kid rock son black?

Macko. Black in the United States is defined as possessing any amount of sub Saharan African Ancestry or being descended from even a single person of African ancestry enslaved in the lands, territories or colonies that would become the United States Of America

Are Polynesians black?

Polynesians are a distinct ethnic group with their own unique cultural and genetic heritage. While they may share some physical characteristics with people of African descent, it is not accurate or respectful to categorize Polynesians as "black". Polynesians have a diverse range of skin colors, and their ancestry is rooted in the Pacific Islands.

What is the proper term for black race?

There are actually more than one ethnic group that is characterized by very dark skin, but the one you are most likely to run into if you live in the US would be African-Americans.

What is the difference between an ethnic group and religion group?

People of a single ethnic group can have different religions, for example the British are largely Protestant and Catholic Christians and their religious affiliation does not follow ethnic boundaries (historically). People of one religion can be from many different ethic groups. For example, Muslims are Arabs, Berbers, black Africans, Asians, etc. A religion is a belief system. An ethnic group is a group of people with common ancestry and culture.

What ethnic group does BME stand for?

BME: Black and Minority Ethnic

Why do most Pakistanis act black?

Pakistanis have a mixture of African black ancestry in them.