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War and trade.

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Q: Which event would most likely have caused early agricultural civilizations to interact with each other?
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Where were nomads and townspeople likely interact?

Nomads were likely to interact in the bridges of arbia. cool

Why were nomads and townspeople likely to interact?

Nomads were most likely to interact at the bridges of Arabia

What weather element was the first to be measured?

The first weather element to be measured was likely temperature, as ancient civilizations kept records of temperature patterns to predict seasonal changes and agricultural activities.

What was most likely contributed to the decline of the indus valley civilization?

Q: Which geographic factor is most associated with the decline of the Indus Valley civilizations?A: Isolation from other civilizations

What civilizations were likely influenced by each other?

Who cares

What were womens roles in Neolithic civilizations?

In Neolithic civilizations, women typically played important roles in domestic activities such as food preparation, childcare, and textile production. They also likely contributed to agricultural labor and ceremonial activities. However, due to limited written records, the specific roles and status of women in Neolithic societies can vary across different regions.

How do you spell acrologists?

The likely word is archaeologists (scientists studying past civilizations).

Where were nomads and townspeople likely to interact?

Nomads and townspeople were likely to interact at trade routes, marketplaces, and oases where nomads would bring their goods to trade with townspeople for items they needed. These interactions were important for exchanging goods, sharing information, and fostering cultural exchange.

Where did inequalities originate?

Inequalities originated from math, which originated from different civilizations. So inequalities most likely originated from one of the civilizations that contributed to crating math.

When thesis statement about the impact floodwaters on early river civilizations would most likely connect which three words?

Floodwaters, impact, early river civilizations.

The people who most likely established the first civilizations at Mohenjo-daro and Harappa were the?


How do a narcissist and his father interact?

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