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Great Rift Valley.

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Q: Which geographic feature divides Kenya from north to south?
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What major geographic feature borders India to the north?


What is the major geographical feature that divides north and south Africa?

Great Rift Valley

Which natural geographic feature is at approximately 20 degrees north an 30 and one-half degrees north?

3dr. catadact

What geographic feature most likely hinder the Byzantine from expanding north of Italy?

a sea

What geographic feature lies clostest to 61 north and 140 west on the Canada?

Mt Logan

What to the north of Kenya?

Ethiopia is to the north of Kenya.

When Hannibal decided to attack Rome from the north during the Second Punic War he was slowed by what geographic feature?

The Alps.

What geographic feature makes it more difficult for Italian merchants to trade with countries north of Italy?


What geographic feature bisects New Mexico?

The Rio Grande river runs from north to south and border to border through the center of the State.

Is Kenya north of israel?

Kenya is south of Israel.

Why is the earths geographic north pole in the south and the viceversa?

It is not! Geographic North Pole is in the Arctic!

What is the area that divides north and south Korea?

The region that divides North and South Korea is called the DEMILITARIZED ZONE.