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State, then the Local government.

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Q: Which government level is below the national government?
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What level of government is national defense?

National defense is the job of the federal government.

At what level of government would this election take place when a person votes for a representative to US congress?

National level of Government

Is a national government the same thing as a central government?

I am assuming by level, you mean level of government. There is no distinction between government on a national level and government on a federal level. The federal level of government is the highest tier of government because its central to the nation. It represents a union of states. Those union of states form a nation. So you see how the two terms are interchangable, and can be used synonymously. The federal government is government on a NATIONAL level.

Voter turnout is HIGHEST for which level of government?

National Government

The patent office is a part of which level of government?

the national government

Is the level of government directly below the state government?


System of government which guarantees each state represntation at the national level?

The system of government which guarantees that each state has representation at the national level is a republic. America has a republic government.

What level of local government directly below the state government?


Which level of government collects taxes national state or local?

both state and national government. (congruent powers)

Does the president belong to national level of government?


What is government called at the national level?

hay man

By the end of the civil war which level of government had increased its authority?

the national government.