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Q: Which group felt the colonies did not need independence?
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Which group felt that the colonies did not need independence?


Which group felt the colonists did not need independence?

they were to busy eatin' pants to answer this question so i put this,,,,<3

Why were the Northern and Southern whites joining the Republican Party?

They felt more need for state independence.

One goal of the declaration of independence was to?

Explain why the colonists felt the need to be free from British rule.

What was the purpose of the declaration o independence?

The Declaration of Independence was like an announcement to other nations. It explained to them why the colonists felt the need to break from Great Britain.

What declares that the colonies are independent in the declaration of independence?

It is the entire document. You need to read to understand why I say this.

When and how did Pennsylvania get its independence?

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 Colonies. It did not seek nor need to gain its own independence. The Revolutionary War gave all of the United States its independence from Great Britan.

Why didnt the colonists immediately seek independence?

They didn't feel the need. They were loyal to the king and the population in the colonies was small.

Why might bats in big colonies be the most talkative?

because they need to communicate to others to protect there group.

What does the Declaration of Independence outline in?

The Declaration of Independence declares the 13 original Colonies independent from British rule, it also gives reasons for the need for this declaration. The outline of the basic rights and liberties of US citizens is within the Constitution

What are the 2 events that gave Latin America colonies the idea to fight for independence?

I have no idea, I need help with my social studies assessment and thought i would come here. Please have an answer. I really need help.

What is the meaning of felt need?

Felt need is the feeling of a person for industrial applications.