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the right vote is guaranteed to all male citizens regardless of race, color, or previous condition (i.e., slavery)

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The term limit of a president is two years

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The right to vote is gua to all male citizens regardless of race color or previous condition

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Q: Which of the following is not considered a suffrage amendment?
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When the 19th amendment was ratified what did the amendment accomplish?

This was known as the Women's Suffrage Amendment, and it gave women the right to vote in America.

What amendment guaranteed the right of suffrage regardless of previous condition of servitude?

The 19th Amendment is the amendment that guarantees suffrage.

What amendment is male suffrage?

There isn't an amendment concerning male suffarge. But the 19th amendment is the one regarding women's suffrage. (:

What amendment provides for womens' suffrage?

Nineteenth amendment

How the Ninetenth Amendment expand suffrage?

it was the amendment that gave women the right to vote

What type of amendment defines a citizen's right to vote?

suffrage amendment

How did the 15th amendment become an amendment?

To secure universal male suffrage.

What amendment ratified in 1920 guaranteed woman's suffrage?

The 19th amendment.

What amendment extended suffrage to nearly half of all American citizens why did it affect so many?

The 18th amendment *Edit* The Eighteenth Amendment is prohibition and has nothing to do with suffrage. This answer is wrong.

How did American women win the fight for suffrage?

They worked for a constitutional amendment-APEX

Did Benjamin Harrison change anything in the constitution?

Amendment 15 Black suffrage Amendment 16 Income taxes Amendment 17 Senatorial elections Amendment 18 Prohibition of liquor Amendment 19 Women's suffrage Amendment 20 Terms of office Amendment 21 Repeal of Prohibition Amendment 22 Term Limits for the Presidency Amendment 23 Washington, D.C., suffrage Amendment 24 Abolition of poll taxes

What is another name for the right to vote?

"The Great Amendment" Suffrage