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Q: Which of these countries was not controlled by the communists during the Eisenhower administration?
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What was the US promise to support countries against communism?

Marshall Plan, Truman doctrine and I guess you could include the Eisenhower Doctrine as well.

What steps were taken by Kennedy administration to resist Communist world infiltration?

On a domestic basis, they passed laws making support of communism basically illegal (the Red Flag Act, for example) and spread a lot of negative propaganda. On an international basis, they invaded countries that had chosen to follow communism, or at least acted hostilely towards them (in the case of Russia) and supported actions by other countries against them.

What policy did Eisenhower make as an election promise but then fail to follow through with?

The correct answer is: Liberating Communist countries. He campaigned on a policy of rolling back Communism, but did little to make this happen once he was elected.

President Eisenhower's foreign policy stressed peace threatened massive retaliation for attacks and?

Provided aid to European nations. This helped many of the countries to build back up after all of the destruction of the war.

McCarthyism was an overzealous attempt to destroy?

Communism, in the eyes of Senator McCarthy was a threat to the USA. He based his opinion on the fact that the Soviet Union's foreign policy was expansive. Under Stalin, the USSR, had occupied the eastern half of Europe. The Soviets also processed the atomic bomb. He was concerned that China became a communist nation. He was also concerned about the UN war against North Korea. North Korea was a communist country and had invaded South Korea. The UN decided to defeat the Communist attempt to conquer South Korea. This war, whose armies were mostly made up from the US's forces had cost the US 28,000 men. Other countries the UN's army were Australia, Canada, the UK, South Korea and several other UN member nations. He feared the Chinese communists as they helped North Korea in this war. With these international communist activities, McCarthy became alarmed. If the communism of Lenin and Stalin was not so "successful" for all practical purposes, communism posed no threat to the USA and its allies in Europe, Canada and also Australia. This can be supported by the fact that from 1917 to the 1950's, communist parties existed in many nations of the world. Only because of WW2, did the Soviet Union expand. China was a problem though. It had taken hold after the end of WW2. McCarthy and his staff which included Robert F. Kennedy and several well known US lawyers worried that people with influence in the USA were communists. He was concerned about labor leaders, especially the UAW, and some longshoreman unions were being controlled by Moscow. The death sentence for Rosenbergs for sending atomic secrets to Moscow was also an event to McCarthy that communism was making dangerous inroads in the USA. He began a series of Senate hearings to expose what he thought were communists in the film industry, there were Hollywood writers on his list of communists. He also thought that the US military was infected with communists. At some point his hearings now became "out of hand". McCarthy had gone over the top with his exposure of so called communists. The US Senate censured him and President Eisenhower saw mcCarthy as a threat to freedoms of speech and his ruining the reputation of people who had committed no crimes.

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What countries did Eisenhower meddle with during his administration?

Vietnam and Korea.

What did Eisenhower use to prevent communists from staging revolutions within developing countries?

covert operations

To prevent communists from staging revolutions within developing countries eisenhower used?

Massive Retaliation

What way did the cold war intensify during eisenhowers administration?

I am not sure what you want to know. Eisenhower believed in the domino theory, which said that communists were a world-wide conspiracy and hoped to take over countries one-by-one. However, he did little increase tension between the US and communists countries. He setn technical advisers into Viet-nam. However, he arranged a truce in Korea, although he kept troops there.

Why did East Germany eventually close all its borders with its neighboring communist countries?

It didn't. At the end of WW2 a block of communists countries was formed in Eastern Europe. These were controlled by Moscow. The countries that were blocked were western and NATO countries.

What do anti communists fear in countries?


The communists established the?

Communists established a political party for themselves in the United States and many countries around the world.

What did Eisenhower compare to a row of dominoes?

Eisenhower refered to the countries that were threatened by Communism takeover as the row dominoes

Which two countries are communists and enemies of the US?

brittsh and texas

What countries have controlled economy?

Cuba, China, and North Korea are all countries with controlled economies.

Were the iron curtain countries controlled by nazi Germany or Soviet Union?

The Iron Curtain countries were the Soviet Union, controlled by Russia.

What percentage of Africa was controlled by two countries with the most territory?

The percentage of Africa that was controlled by the two countries with the most territory is 68%