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Social Security

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Q: Which of these government programs is designed to redistribute income?
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How a government might use taxation to affect the distribution of income?

A government redistributes income by taking from one group of people and giving to another group. The most obvious is collecting taxes on business payrolls and giving benefits to the unemployed.

Which economic function does the government use a process such as income redistribution to assist poor or handicapped?

The government uses welfare programs and tax structures to redistribute wealth to assist the poor and handicapped. The government also invests money to subsidize education and amenities for the poor.

How do government policies affect income?

Government policies and programs, such as benefit programs and the progressive income tax, reduce income inequality.

What is a sentence using the word redistribute?

Robin Hood stole from the rich to redistribute money to the poor.If I redistribute my homework, I can focus on reading the lessons.The teacher had to redistribute a new test after he found out a student cheated.

Description of the equity function of government?

The equity function of government is concerned with the ability of all people to have their basic fundamental needs fulfilled. Programs to aid the poor and redistribute some of the wealth are the goals of a government that favors equity.

When the government implements programs such as progressive income tax rates what is likely to occur?

When the government inplement programs such as progressive income tax rates what ocurr.

Which programs reform was designed to provide funds for schools and federal programs?

Graduated income tax.apex=)

What government programs are there that offer low income subsidies?

The federal government does have different programs for low income housing subsidies, such as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. A good idea is to go into your local government office, and present your situation to an employee who can tell you which programs you specifically qualify for.

Did the articles of confederation provide for the centerl government the power to tax the states?

*develop or protect certain industries *redistribute income * influence personal spending

A regressive tax will tend to redistribute income more?


What tariffs were designed to provide income for the federal government?


Which progressive reform was designed to provide funds for schools and federal programs?

Graduated income tax.apex=)