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Q: Which party endorsed the wilmont Proviso?
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What did the Wilmot proviso proposed?

Introduced by David Wilmont, the wilmont proviso proposed to ban slavery in any territory gained from, or after the Mexican American War.

How did southerners react to the Wilmont proviso?

they thought it was unfair

What does the wilmont proviso say?

It declared that there should be no slavery allowed in any of the new territories acquired from Mexico.

What statement is the best description of the wilmont proviso?

Slavery would not be allowed in any territory acqired from the Republic of Mexico.

What was the aim of the wilmont proviso?

to gain political power in both congressional houses for the free states. Wilmont proviso bans slavery of any type in the Mexican cession territories. Those will then be divided up into free states than when entered into the union will give the free states more senators and more reps.

How did the wilmont proviso and potential state hood for California deepen the regional divisions?

The Wilmot Proviso declared that none of the newly-acquired Mexican territories should become slave-states. The Abolitionists strongly supported this belief, and it drove the two sides further apart.

What major political party was as a result of the wilmot proviso?

The Republican Party was formed

What major political party formed as a result of the Wilmot Proviso?

The Republican Party was formed

Why did slaveholders oppose the wilmont proviso?

Slaveholders opposed the Wilmot Proviso because it aimed to prohibit slavery in the territories acquired from Mexico after the Mexican-American War. They feared it would limit the expansion of slavery into new territories and potentially undermine the balance of power between free and slave states in Congress.

What did the free soil party support?

They supported the Wilmot Proviso

Which political party was formed by the supporters of the Wilmot Proviso?

cool kats IMPROVEMENT The Whig party.

What was the significance of the wilmont proviso?

It polarised opinion by declaring that there could be no slavery in any new state or territory. This removed any hope of compromise, and it was the sticking-point in Lincoln's last-minute attempt to avoid a conflict.