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The Libertarian Party

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Q: Which party opposes the power of corporation and favors decision making at the grassroots level?
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What political party has enacted more pro corporation legislation?

Republican. Typically speaking, neither party favors or opposes corporatism any more than the other does. Both parties generally support corporations, so there isn't one specific party that has necessarily "enacted more pro-corporation legislation."

This economic system favors decision by consumers but allows for some central planning?

mixed capitalism

Who favors judicial activism?

A person who favors judicial activism is one who prefers a decision to be made via a personal opinion, rather than focusing on the law. A person who does this is considered unlawful or a federalist.

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Does Vern Wuensche support same-sex marriage?

No. Wuensche, a republican presidential candidate, favors an amendment to the United States Constitution banning same-sex marriage. He also opposes civil unions and adoption by gay couples.

What do you mean when you say political parties practice partisan politics?

when a political stance or decision favors one party over another based on the party.

What is Illinois State Representative Daniel V Beiser's position on the pending bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois?

Mr. Beiser says he opposes the marriage equality bill, but favors a state-wide referendum on the issue.

Trading votes and favors?

Trading votes and favors is a practice that raises ethical concerns and can undermine the integrity of the democratic process. It's crucial to uphold transparency and accountability in political decision-making.

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Is George Will starting to lean to the center?

I am an avid reader of George F. Will (and William F. Buckley, Jonah Goldberg, Tony Blankley, Thomas Sowell, Dennis Prager, and Charles Krauthammer, to name a few). I see no evidence that he is lurching leftward, or even listing to port slightly. None, whatsoever. His opinions are steeped in profound intellectual conservatism. Regarding the Constitution, he is devout originalist. He supports conservative justices for the Supreme Court. He favors limited government and tax cuts. He opposes McCain-Feingold. He favors free markets and free trade and opposes import tariffs. He abhors socialized medicine. He supports gun ownership. He opposes statutory minimum-wage laws and disciminatory affirmative action policies. And that's only the topics that popped right into my head.

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