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Q: Which political party is Lt gov pat Quinn member of?
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What is the difference between the Canadian federal and provincial government.?

Federal gov is like a central gov that has central power this term used in america.provincial gov is a state gov and in a provincial election , the leader of the political party that wins the most seats in the legislator becomes the premier of the province. The premier chooses a cabinet formed by elected members of their political party. The cabinet helps the premier make decisions.

What term purpose of this it to choose one party member from among all those who want to run for an office?

Primary election - Gov NovaNet

The purpose of a primary election is to help each blank choose one person to run for office?

Political Party!! novanet- gov whoop whoop!

The official stand of a politcal party is called the?

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Who is the current governor of Texas and to which political party does the lieutenant gernor belong?

Republican Rick Perry, who was the second Lt. Governor under George W. Bush, became Governor of Texas in December 2000 when Gov. Bush resigned after being elected U.S. President. Gov. Perry became the longest serving governor in Texas history in December 2008. His current term ends in January 2015.

What is Montana's gov?

Steve Bullock is the 24th and current Governor of Montana. He was elected in 2012 and reelected in 2016. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The Governor in Montana serves a four year term with a two term limitation.

When and why was the WIC program started?

Question not answered! Who founded WIC? The Black Panther Party as the Stanford study says or is it a gov. program started by the gov?

Is the republic of cuba a communist gov?

It is a Unitary Republic, Marxist-Leninist Single Party State. The Communist Party of Cuba

Is Chevy Chase the actor a political idiot for his digraceful comments about Gov. Palin?

Absolutely NOT!!!

What are the three major components of a political party?

are you in mr.freed's government AP class? hey dummy, think of how many schools are in the US, then think how many gov. classes are studying that same topic. Long explanation short: Yes, he/she is in Mr. Freed's Ap class the answer is: 1)The Politicians/office-holders 2)the voters 3)the actual organizers of the Party

What is the party of Gov Ritter of Colorado?

He was a Democrat who chose not to seek a second term 2011.

At the what level is captain is the name given to the party leader?

Precinct - Nova Net Gov