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Q: Which president advocated a New Freedom agenda that included a graduated income tax?
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Which president advocated a new freedom agenda that included a graduate income tax?

Woodrow Wilson

What french philosphe advocated freedom of religion?

A:Voltaire, whose real name was François-Marie Arouet, advocated freedom of religion.

Where were sit ins and freedom riders advocated?

Sit ins and Freedom Rides were advocated mostly in the South. Georgia and Tennessee are two states that were notoriously known for their sit ins and Freedom Rides.

Which freedom is not a freedom included in the First Amendment?

freedom from taxation

Woodrow Wilson advocated a program called the?

"New Freedom." This program aimed to reduce the power of big businesses and promote competition. Wilson believed that monopolies and trusts were detrimental to the economy and hindered individual freedoms. The New Freedom program included initiatives such as breaking up monopolies, implementing antitrust regulations, and protecting the rights of workers.

What is included in the First Amendment'?

freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of press all of they above

What are the 5 freedoms included in the 1st amendment?

freedom of speech the press freedom

Whom does the first amendment protect?

The president Freedom of speech, freedom to worship without persecution, and freedom of the press. Where it protects the president? I have no idea where that came from.

Did general lee want slaves to fight?

Yes, Lee advocated training regiments of slaves and giving them their freedom at the end of the war.

What did the freedom journal call for?

The Freedom Journal was an abolitionist publication that called for the immediate end of slavery in the United States and advocated for equal rights and freedom for enslaved African Americans. It also promoted education and empowerment for the black community.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen included which rights?

the freedom of speech

What are five of the rights included in the Bill of Rights as amendments to the US Constitution?

Freedom of speech, Freedom to a fair trial, Freedom of assembly, Right to bear arms, Freedom of religon