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Thomas Jefferson was president during the lousiana purchase

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Thomas Jefferson

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Q: Which president purchased the territory of Louisana during his term?
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What foreign territory was purchased during Johnson's administration?

Alaska was purchased in 1867 during the administration of Andrew Johnson .

Who was the president in office during the Louisiana territory?


Who needed money to fight during the Louisana Purchase?

Napoleon Bonaparte

Which territory was annexed by President Mckinley during the Spanish American War?


Who did Alaska belong to during the civil war?

Alaska was a Territory of Russia,and was purchased by the United States in 1867.

Which U.S. territory was acquired during World War 1?

The U.S. Virgin Islands were purchased in 1917

Which president was the First US acquired overseas territory during his presidency?

William Mckinley

What is one conflict that took place during thomas Jefferson's presidency?

He purchased Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars without asking for permission from Congress. It had not yet been decided whether a president had the power to do something like that.

US first acquierd overseas territory during his presidency?

The annexation of Hawaii under President William McKinley.

When did the virgin island become a US territory?

The United States purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917. This acquisition was made to ensure the U.S. had control over the Caribbean during World War I, and the islands have been a U.S. territory ever since.

Which president purchased the Louisiana Territory during his term?

Thomas Jefferson proposed and completed the Louisiana Purchase from France and Napoleon in 1803. Robert Livingstone and James Monroe traveled to France to negotiate the purchase. The original intent was to purchase only enough land to guarantee access to the Mississippi and the port of New Orleans. Napoleon apparently needed money and offered the entire Louisiana Territory for $15 million or about 3 cents per acre. After the purchase was made, Jefferson assigned Lewis and Clark the job of exploring the territory. Congress had to approve the final purchase and arrange to borrow the $15 million purchase price. Thomas Jefferson was our 3rd President serving from March, 1801 to March, 1809.

Which US President was in office during the Alaska purchase?

Called Sewards Folly, the purchase of Alaska from Russia was also condemed as Johnson's Icebox after Andrew Johnson the US President at the time of aquisition. After the Louisana Purchase this US purchace was the finest Blue Light Special ever offered without war in the balance. This was not the spoils of war or the theft via power, or any act of chicanery. This was commerce and can be compared to buying the Hope Diamond for zilch at a Dollar Store.