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If you put your question in a complete sentence, people will be able to understand what you want to know and answer it.

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Q: Which revolutionary leader advocated equal rights for women?
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Who advocated violence in order to achieve equal rights?

One key figure who advocated violence when needed to achieve equal rights was Malcolm X.

Advocated violence in order to achieve equal rights?

malcom x

Name three changes that members of the national organization of women advocated?

legalization of abortion, the equal rights amendment, and Bill of Rights for Women.

Where can you find more information about Martin Luther King Jr?

yes you can it depends on what you think of

Which advance for woman was a result of the Revolutionary war?

Femenist leaders demanded equal rights.

Why did Susan B Anthony help woman get the right to vote?

Because she advocated and supported women's rights to being equal to men

Who were the abolitionists how did they spread the message?

Small minarity of Americans who Advocated immediate emancipation of slaves and equal rights for Africans. Lecturing and moral persuasion.

Which person was one of the Radical Republicans after the Civil War?

Thaddeus Stevens was one of the Radical Republicans after the Civil War. He was a prominent leader in Congress who advocated for equal rights for African Americans and strong measures against the Southern states that had seceded from the Union.

Which advance for women was a result for the revolutionary war?

d) feminist writers first demanded equal rights

Is Coretta Scott King a hero?

Many view Coretta Scott King as a hero. She fought, alongside her husband and after his death, for equal rights for African-Americans. Also, she also advocated causes such as women's rights and gay rights.

Who was a great leader that fought for equal rights?

achmed the dead terrorist

Why is it important that Obama is not racist?

Obama is not racist because he is a good leader and believes in equal rights