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Q: Which section took the lead in demanding a tax on manufactured goods coming into the us from foreign countries?
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What clause in section 8 gives congress the power to declare war on foreign countries?

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Which section of the constitution in which congress is given the authority to regulate trade among the states and with foreign countries is called?

commerce clause

Where does the constitution state that only with permission from Congress may US citizens accept titles or honors from foreign countries?

Article I Section 9 Clause 8

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Philippine constitution article 2 section 8?

foreign countries are prohibited to plant any nuclear weapon or even to try their weapons to our country because it can harm our environment..

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What is the section of a country where one foreign nation enjoyed special rights and powers?

A Sphere of Influence.

What is a section of a country one foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers?

A Sphere of Influence.

What section of a country where one foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers?

Sphere of Influence

Can a state make a treaty with another country?

No, the states may not make treaties with foreign countries. Under Article II, Section 2the president is given the power to make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate. Since the Constitution expressly gives treaty powers to the president and since the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, the states are pre-empted from treating with foreign countries. Foreign policy (including the enforcement of borders from a state in the union to a foreign country) is only and solely a federal issue. The above poster has it right, if a state wishes for new foreign policy, it must seek it through federal means, at which point it is out of the state's hands.