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Q: Which term is most directly related to voting in America?
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What measures most directly extended voting rights?

Several amendments. The 15, 19, 26 all extended voting rights.

Which person most directly affected voting rights for American women?

Susan B. Anthony

What is the most accurate description of voting in America is?

Voting in America is the fundamental right and civic duty by which eligible citizens choose their elected officials and participate in decision-making processes. It is generally conducted through various methods, such as in-person voting at polling stations, absentee voting, or mail-in voting. However, the specific rules and procedures vary across states, leading to a diverse voting landscape in the country.

Which civic responsibility is MOST related to the principle of popular sovereignty?

The civic responsibility most related to the principle of popular sovereignty is voting. Popular sovereignty means that the power of the government comes from the people, and voting allows individuals to exercise their power to elect representatives and participate in the democratic process. By voting, citizens have a direct role in shaping their government and ensuring that it reflects the will of the people.

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Economics is most directly related to the reason the Interstate Commerce Commission was created.

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Cellular communication

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The intendancy system

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