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Q: Which was NOT a feature of welfare reform?
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What is a Welfare Reform?

A welfare reform is a movement to change the federal government's social welfare policy which shifts responsibility to the states and cut benefits.

Why is welfare reform a complex proposition?

Welfare reform is a complex proposition because of fragmented and decentralized governmental jurisdictions.

Of welfare reform defense spending or gun control the one that results in the greatest differences between the parties in congress is what?

welfare reform for sure.

Who were some People and groups invlolved in the Social welfare reform movement?

Social welfare reform movement

Do Obama talk about welfare reform?

its does obama and yes he does

Who was the president when welfare and medicaid reform act was enacted?


What were the leading events of the Clinton administration?

Healhcare reform Welfare Reform Monica Lewinski AFFAIR

Is welfare reform good or bad?

GOOD, in think wlefare reform is good until the person's need. because the main source of welfare reform is for the inculdes 3 elements. 1) It reduces welfare spending. 2) It increases state and local power to oversee wlefare rules. 3) It adds new restrictions to the welfare eligibility.

Did the Welfare Reform Act cause existing Medicaid beneficiaries to lose necessary coverage?

Welfare Reform (1997) was about cash assistance (AFDC/TANF); it didn't deal with Medicaid.

What happened after welfare reform?

The poverty rate decreased significantly

What are the release dates for To the Contrary - 1992 Welfare Reform and Kids 11-14?

To the Contrary - 1992 Welfare Reform and Kids 11-14 was released on: USA: 21 June 2002

What is the most prominent feature in the united reform church?

Its most prominent feature is that it is called The United ReformED Church, not the United Reform Church.