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White southerners who cooperated with radical recontruction were called "scalawags". I'm sorry they are not called radicals.

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Q: White southerners who cooperated with Radical Reconstruction governments were called?
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An accomplishment that was not made by southern state governments during radical reconstruction was the?

election of blacks as governors

One reason Radical Reconstruction was able to bring change in the South was that?

A. federal soldiers were stationed in the South to enforce new laws. B. white southerners supported the changes brought about by Radical Reconstruction C. African Americans voted for Radical Reconstruction D. it was part of General Lee's surrender terms. i think it is "A."

Why were the strong politics of radical reconstruction largely ineffective in changing the attitudes of white Southerners toward African Americans?

what happen if a slave run away

What was the term used in rebuilding the south after the civil war?

It was called "Reconstruction." There were continuing disputes between northern Republicans, and the efforts by Southerners to maintain control over the freed slaves led to "Radical Reconstruction" in which the Southern states were placed under military governorships.

What was radical reconstruction plan?

The Radical Reconstruction plan was a strict plan formed by the Radical Republicans.They wanted to have a very strict plan for reconstruction in the south.Read more: What_is_the_radical_reconstruction_plan

What informal understanding marked the end of radical reconstruction?

This informal understanding marked the end of Radical Reconstruction

What was the bourbon reconstruction?

Less severe type of reconstruction than radical reconstruction.

The Radical Reconstruction reached its height with the?

Miltary Reconstruction Act

What represented the radical plan of the reconstruction?

The Radical Republicans put the South under the control of the US Army to enforce the new laws. The civilian state governments that were partial to President Johnson, Democrats, and former Confederates were removed.

Who is view prevailed in Reconstruction was it the view of Radical Republicans or was it Lincolns view?

Unfortunately, the view of Radical Republican prevailed in Reconstruction.

What were the results of the radical reconstruction?

black codes, Radical Republican,Fourteenth Amendment,Reconstruction Act,impeach,Fifteenth Amendment

Why was Reconstruction often called Radical Reconstruction?

Radical Reconstruction was the name of one of the phases of reconstruction: the one instigated by a faction that called themselves the Radical Republicans. The Radical Republicans who swept to power in 1866 considered the first phase of Reconstruction (called the Presidential Reconstruction since it was led by Presidents Lincoln and Johnson) too moderate. In 1873 white supremacist soutern Democrats who called themselves Redeemers returned to power and ended Reconstruction.