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Congress can override a presidential veto

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Q: Who Can override the veto with enough votes?
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Can a president be able to ignore the congressional override of his veto even if the have enough votes?


What can congress do to counteract the president and what can the president do to counteract congress?

President can veto congress can override veto if they have enough votes

Can override the president veto?

1. Congress can override the President's veto if both houses (the Senate and the House of Representatives) vote to approve the bill by a ⅔ majority. However, this is rarely done. 2. When there are not enough votes to have a majority, then bipartisanship occurs. This is the act of finding common ground through compromise. This can also help override the presidential veto to gain enough votes. 3. The Supreme Court can declare a law unconstitutional.

What is the minimum number of votes in the United State house of representativethat in needed to override a presidential veto?

It takes 2/3rds of BOTH to override a veto.

How does congress check president veto?

congress can check if a majority of 2/3 votes override his veto

In Texas How many votes are requireed to override a governor's veto?

Each house of the state legislature must vote to override the veto by a 2/3 vote.

What is the minimum of votes in the US to override a presidents veto?

The Senate can override a Presidential veto with a 2/3 majority or 67 votes.austin banged his fat mom

How many votes do you need to override a presidents veto on a bill in the senate?

A two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate is required to override a presidential veto.

How can congress override presidents veto?

It must be voted 2/3 mojority of the votes

What is the minimum number of votes in the US Senate that is needed to override presidential veto?


Why would the president meet with the congressional leaders before vetoing a bill?

A president might meet with congressional leaders to find out if they had enough votes to override his/her veto.

What is the minimum number of votes in the united state senate that is needed to override a presidential ceto?

It takes 2/3rds of BOTH to override a veto.