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the president appoints and the senate approves

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Q: Who appoints cabinets members and who approves them?
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Who appoints the members the of the supreme court?

President puts up the names. The senate approves it.

Who Appoints And Approves Members Of The Judicial Branch In A Presidential Style Of Government?

the executive and legislative branch, respectively

In a presidential style of government who appoints in approves members of the judicial branch?

the executive and legislative branch, respectively

Who approves the appoints of the president?


The what branch appoints the judicial branch?

The president appoints the jjustices of the Supreme Court and the Senate approves it.

Which branch appoints supreme court justicesfederal judgesambassadors and cabinet membeers?

The president appoints and congress approves.

How is the secretary of agriculter appointed?

president appoints senate approves

Which government branch to decide whether or not to approve the people of the president appoints to be judges?

Congress approves, the president appoints.

Who approves the appointment supreme court justices?

The US president appoints the justice and the US Senate approves the appointment.

Who is able to appoint a candidate to the supreme court?

The president appoints, and the senate approves.

How does the process of selecting cabinet secretaries reflect checks and balances in the government?

The president appoints the secretaries, and the senate approves them.

Who approves offices space for house members?

The speaker approves the space and seniority counts.