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Q: Who began the New Freedom program and pushed for the Federal Trade Commission?
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The effects of the Oklahoma Land Rush?

It pushed the Indians into even smaller reservations and pushed white people and culture into previously Indian territories.

Can a bench trial be pushed back?


Which president was once forced to resign from the Army because of excessive drinking?

This relates to his pre-war posting to a remote desert garrison, where he missed his wife and family, and certainly drank a good deal, before resigning his commission. As to whether he jumped or was pushed, the record is unclear. For that reason, one might guess that he was pushed, and then later used his high status to conceal the unflattering truth.

What happened in the States Rights Debate?

The Federal government and State governments were arguing about the division of powers over the entire nation. The Federal government pushed for a unified national government, constantly moving toward an expansion of their power. The States argued that they could nullify laws which they didn't agree with. Eventually, the country split in two, with the southern states rallying together to fight the Federal government, as the Confederate States of America. The CSA lost the war, and that pretty much settled the debate. I would say that the debate ended when the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution was passed. Since that point in history, the States have had no check on the Federal government via the Senate. If you want an opinion, the Seventeenth Amendment should be repealed.

Who pushed for passage of the national energy act?

Jimmy Carter

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What is the verb in this sentence - The program will be pushed to our computers?


Who pushed for a US space program?

President John F. Kennedy

What reform did progressives target at the federal level?

Progressives pushed for the direct election of senators by all state voters.

What reforms did progressives push through at the federal level?

Progressives pushed for the direct election of senators by all state voters.

What program did the first lady Nancy Reagan start?

She pushed for drug prevention and education. Her slogan was "Just say NO!"

What President pushed for a soft Reconstruction with the Southern States and pleaded for a peace with malice toward none and a new birth of American freedom?


Did Garry Kasparov have a tantrum and why?

Kasparov got pushed out of shape following his loss to the Deep Blue chess program. Being as good as he is and being defeated by a computer (the program, actually) can bruise your ego, and it did his.

How was Britains policy toward Canada begging in the late 1700s similar to its policy toward Ireland in the 1900s?

both were eventually granted freedom when pushed towards it.

What finally pushed Kennedy to commit to anti segregation federal legislation and protect voting rights?

the violent repression of a nonviolent demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama

What programs did Adams propose that him unpopular?

Adams pushed for a program of economic growth through internal improvements,but his plan backfires and opposition to him grew.

What action did President John F. Kennedy take in support of civil rights?

President Kennedy pushed for the Civil Rights Act in Congress, and promised federal funding for school desegregation.

What did the pueblo revolt of 1680 do?

It ended the practice of enslaving the Native Americans and granted them limited freedom to practice their ancient religion.