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The US Senate can refuse to confirm appointments to the Judicial Branch.

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Q: Who can refuse justices' appointments?
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Can refuse to accept judicial appointments?


Who can refuse to accept judicial appointments?


Which branch can refuse to confirm judicial appointments?

The Legislative Branch

Who can reject President's appointments and refuse to ratify treaties?

According the United States Constitution, the US Senate can refuse the president's appointments. It can also reject treaties that have been agreed to by the president.

Can a young mothers mom refuse the father ultrasound appointments?


How long can supreme justices serve for?

There's no limit; they are lifetime appointments. They can retire if they wish, or they can hang on until they die.

Which branch has the power to approve appointments of Supreme Court justices?

the legislature

What happens if both executors refuse the appointments in a will?

The court will appoint someone. It is often an attorney or a bank.

Which government officals receive appointments for life?

Assuming you are talking about the U.S. government- supremem court justices and federal judges.

Which US supreme court judges were recess appointments?

There are no current Supreme Court justices who were recess appointments. However, President George Washington appointed John Rutledge as Chief Justice in a recess appointment; his appointment was later rejected by the Senate. President Eisenhower also made three recess appointments to the Supreme Court, all of whom were later confirmed by the Senate.

Which branch can refuse to confirm US Presidential appointments?

The Legislative branch, specifically the Senate

What are three exclusive powers that the senate has?

The Senate has the power to try all impeachments, confirmation of appointments (i.e. Supreme Court Justices), and ratification of treaties.