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George Washington noticed bravery on the side of the british tremendasly because they had more fighters wanted them to win

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Q: Who did George Washington notice the bravery of during the battle of long island?
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Who was the leader of the british during the battle of Brooklyn?

george washington

On which side was George Washington during the Battle of Yorktown?


Who was the first commander of the Continental army and led your men to victory and Trenton and Princeton?

George Washington led the Continental army during the battle of Saratoga and the battle of Trenton. George Washingtonled the Continental army during the battle of Saratoga and the battle of Trenton.

What battles was George Washington in during the revolutionary war?

Battle Of Yorktown

Who was president during the battle of fallen timbers?

George Washington was the President of the United States during the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794.

When did the battle of Valley Forge begin?

The battle of Valley Forge wasn't a battle, it was a base of George Washington during the American Revolution.

Was George Washington the commanding officer at the battle of Gettysburg?

No. George Washington died in 1799, while the Battle of Gettysburg took place in 1863. Besides, Washington was from Virginia, which during the Civil War was part of the Confederacy. The Union commander at Gettysburg was General George MEADE.

What are the names of Margaret Corbin's kids?

Margaret Corbin did not have children. She was a Revolutionary War hero known for her bravery during the Battle of Fort Washington in 1776.

What did George Washington do in the revolution?

During the Revolution, George Washington served as General of the Colonists. He motivated the men to carry forward in their battle to win freedom from Britain.

When did George Washington lose new york?

George Washington losing New York refers to the Battle of Long Island. The battle happened during the American Revolutionary War, and occurred on August 27, 1776.

George Washington served as commander of the Continental army during the American Revolution He led American soldiers during?

The battle of YorkTown:) By yesere

Who were the generals in the battle of trenton?

During the Battle of Trenton the American troops were led by General George Washington. The Hessians and British troops involved in this battle were led by Colonel Rahl.