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William I of England, also known as William the Conqueror.

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Q: Who did Hereward the Wake rebel against?
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Why did hereward the wake rebel against William?


How did hereward the wake rebel?

i think it is not right since a lot of people was killed because of the rebel. Also, William was supposed to be chosen by the god as the king and i don't think a god can be well beaten.

What does toward the wake mean?

Hereward the Wake was an English freedom fighter who fought against William the Conqueror in the 11th century. (Wake meant alert or wary)

What did hereward the wake look like?

Hereward the Wake, also known as Hereward the Exile and Hereward the Outlaw was an 11th century leader of local resistance to the Norman conquest of England. His area of operation was Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire leading popular opposition to William the Conquerer

Harewood Of the wake who is he-after the Battle of Hastings?

I can't give you details - but the name is Hereward the Wake. Try Wiki or Google. Can't give you details - but the name is Hereward the Wake. Try Wiki or Google. Good luck Hereward The Wake a disenherited Anglo Saxon Nobleman was in today's terms a freedom fighter against the heavy and oppressive Norman regime . For a full description of his heroic deeds try:

How did hereward the wake escape from William?

He ran away!

What was the name of Hereward the Wake's horse?

we think it was Swallow.

Site of Hereward The Wake's last stand?


Why did hereward the wake cause William problems?

because he did

Why was hereward the wake wanted?

Hereward was wanted because he rebelled against William the conqueror more than any other rebellions . William was also afraid that he might set up an army, and to William's disappointment he did.

When did Hereward the Wake die?

Hereward's life and what became of him is fully laid out in an excellent article by C. Calladine in

Where was hereward the wake when William the Conqueror invaded England?

my house