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The Church And Religion

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Q: Who did voltaire strongly criticize?
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You criticize people when they deserve it?

strongly disagree

What is the synonym of warn?

admonish Definition:warn, strongly criticize

What elements of American society did the Beat generation most strongly criticize?

Its promotion of consumerism.

Why did the Enlightenment writer Voltaire get into so much trouble in France and elsewhere?

In addition to mere mockery in his writings Voltaire also used science to criticize organized religion. for instance in 1726 he made a joke at a French noble's expense. The noble, rather than condescend to confront Voltaire himself, paid some hired thugs to beat him up.

Who was the French philosopher who called for freedom of speech?

Voltaire, he was the philosopher who also believed in freedom of belief.

What did Voltaire think about slavery?

Voltaire opposed slavery and believed it was a violation of human rights. He argued that all individuals should have equal rights and freedoms, regardless of their race or background. Voltaire used his writing to criticize the slave trade and advocate for the abolition of slavery.

What is a connotation for the word deplore?

A connotation for "deplore" could be to strongly criticize or condemn something, implying a sense of strong disapproval or disgust.

What did Voltaire think of divine right?

Voltaire was strongly critical of the concept of divine right, believing that it was a tool used by monarchs to justify their power and suppress dissent. He advocated for the separation of church and state and believed in the importance of individual freedoms and reason over divine authority.

Why did Voltaire write candide?

Voltaire wrote "Candide" as a satire to criticize and expose the irrationality and cruelty of society, religion, and humanity during the 18th century. Through the story of the naive and optimistic Candide, Voltaire challenges prevailing beliefs and institutions of his time, advocating for reason, tolerance, and common sense.

What is the main point that Voltaire is making in source A What technique does he use to reinforce his message?

Voltaire's main point in source A is to criticize religious intolerance and fanaticism. He reinforces this message by using satire and sarcasm to highlight the absurdity of blindly following religious beliefs without critical thinking.

Who was the greatest thinker of the enlightenement?


Which philosopher strongly believed in the idea if freedom of speech and religious?

All of the framers of the constitution believed in those principles.