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native Americans and colonists in Plymouth...

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Q: Who fought in king Phillips war?
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When king Philips war fought?

King Philip's War was fought from 1675 to 1678.

What was a major war in Rhode Island?

king Phillips war

Where was king philip's war fought?


Who was the King of Ithaca who fought in the Trojan War?

Odysseus is the king of Ithaca

What year was King Phillips war?

June 1675 - April 1678

Who did the colonist fight against in King Phillips War?

Native Americans.

What was an event that is part of Rhode Island history?

King Phillips War.

What were some famous colonial battles?

king Phillips war Jamestown massacre tuscarora war

Was their a war involved with the statehood of Rhode Island?

Yes, King Phillips War and the American Revolution.

What was the longest and bloodiest war between whites and Indians in the 1600s?

The longest and bloodiest war between the whites and Indians was King Phillip's War.

Who Fought Against King Georges War?

It was fought against France in the 1740's.

What was the name of the war Zeus fought in to become king of gods?

war of the titans