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U.S.supreme court

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Q: Who gave government officials the power to examine each bank?
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When was Irish Bank Officials' Association created?

Irish Bank Officials' Association was created in 1917.

Why did many oppose the national bank?

Citizens feared that a central bank placed too much power in the hands of the federal government.

1818 Maryland placed a tax on?

Government employed bank. Taxed the government. In 1819, the Supreme Court ruled the Congress had power to incoporate a bank and a state could not tax national government employed instruments such as a bank.

What were president Jackson's apparent motives in removing government deposits from the bank?

He wanted to destroy the bank's political power.

Why did thomas Jefferson oppose Alexander hamiltons idea for a national bank?

It gave the government to much power.

What was the goal of anti federalists?

Keep the power in state governments, not in the federal government. They wanted a weak central government, with strong local leaders.

What is one of the reasons that people like thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of the bank?

The Constitution did not specifically grant the government the power to create the bank.

What is the difference between a government bank and nationalised bank?

the government bank is run by the state government and the nationalised bank is run by the federal government

Is the federal government allowed to coin money?

Yes, the federal government is the only entity that has the authority to print US currency. They have given the power to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a part of the federal government, but a privately held bank.

What do you mean by public sector banks?

A Government owned bank is one that is fully owned by the national government. They are also called Nationalized Banks or Public Banks. For ex: State Bank of India, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank are all famous nationalized/government owned banks in India.

Is a bank manager a gazetted officer?

No. In India, certain levels of government officials, police, and military are listed, or gazetted, by the government as qualified to perform certain critical attestation functions. The occupation of bank manager would not appear on these lists.

What is one reason that people like Thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of a national bank?

The Constitution did not specifically grant the government the power to create the bank.