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co-inventors of the modern dildo

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Q: Who is Andrew Pickens and Thomas Sumter?
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What do Thomas Sumter Andrew Pickens and Francis Marion have in common?

They led small, surprise attacks on British troops.

Was the main character in the patriot movie real?

No. The actions of the main character in the movie were a mixture of real life men such as Francis Marion ("The Swamp Fox"), Thomas Sumter ("the Gamecock") and Andrew Pickens, and some fiction.

What places named after Andrew pickens?


What year did Andrew Pickens die?

Andrew Pickens died in the year 1838.

Who is Thomas Sumter?

Sumter was "The Gamecock". He was the leader of a partisan band, guerrillas, irregular soldiers and/or militia, fighting the British and Loyalist bands in South Carolina during the Revolution. There were several of these leaders active in South Carolina in the latter half of the Revolution, others being Francis Marion ("The Swamp Fox"), John Laurens and Andrew Pickens.

What date did governor Francis pickens demand that the union surrender fort Sumter?

April 1861

What was Andrew pickens nick name?

wizard owl

What is Andrew pickens' nickname?

Try "Wizard Owl"

When did Thomas Sumter die?

Thomas Sumter died on June 1, 1832.

When was Thomas Sumter born?

Thomas Sumter was born on 1734-08-14.

Who were George Washington's generals in the American revolutinoary war?

Nathanael Greene, Marquis de Lafayette, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, John Sullivan, Artemas Ward, Benedict Arnold, Charles Lee (general), Andrew Pickens (congressman), Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter, Arthur St. Clair, Andrew Pickens (general), Johann de Kalb, George Rogers Clark, Francis Nash, Joseph Warren, Hugh Mercer, Thomas Knowlton, Anthony Wayne, Henry Knox, Horatio Gates, Marquis de La Jonquiere, Daniel Morgan, Ethan Allen, James Livingston, and others

Who led the militia at the Battle if Kettle Creek?

Andrew Williamson, Elijah Clarke , and Andrew Pickens