Who is Winfield Scott?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Winfield Scott is arguably the greatest general America ever produced. He first came to command American force in the War of 1812 and finished his military career when he was removed from his position as General in Chief of the United States Military in the American Civil War.

He was part of the United States Military from 1808 until 1861. He fought in every war the United States fought in during that time but his finest moment was in the Mexican-American War when he lead the American forces to Victory when all neutral observers believed the American attempts would ultimately end in failure.

For his performance in the Mexican-American War he would get the accolaides of the world and was called the "greatest living soldier" by none other than the Duke of Wellington, the man who beat Napoleon at Waterloo.

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Q: Who is Winfield Scott?
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