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felix frankfurter

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Q: Who is is an example of a justice who advocated judicial restraint?
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What is judicial restraint?

Judicial restraint is the philosophy that judges and justices should defer to written legislation whenever possible, if it is not in conflict with the Constitution. A justice who uses judicial restraint tends to take a narrower view of the Constitution and does not attempt to broaden the definition of Amendments to fit a particular social or political agenda. The opposite of judicial restraint is judicial activism. For more information on the debate between judicial activism and judicial restrain, see Related Links, below.

What is it called when judges use their power broadly to further justice?

Judicial activism is when judges user their power to further justice. This is as opposed to judicial restraint which is when a judge limits their power.

Why would A Supreme Court justice who believes strongly in judicial restraint would most likely agree with which statement?

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Did the Warren Court believe in judicial activism or judicial restraint?

The Warren Court, which was active from 1953 until Chief Justice Earl Warren retired in 1969, is often accused of judicial activism for its many decisions supporting African-Americans' civil rights. Whether they believed they were judicial activists or not is unknown.

Supreme Court justice who support judicial activism and those who support judicial restraint most disagree on the answer to which question?

A : To what extent should the supreme court work to promote social progress ?

Was Miranda v. Arizona considered judicial restraint or judicial activism?

Neither. The court simply ruled that people need to be advised of rights they had always been entitled to. --- Activism, because the Court invented a new rule. They used their power broadly to further justice instead of just allowing the decisions of the other branches of government to stand. It's true that their rights were already there, but that's not the determining factor of Judicial activism/restraint.

Why should judges exercise judicial restraint?

Judicial restraint is important because without it courts will be tempted to rewrite laws through interpretation rather than simply to confirm or reject the constitutionality of a law. When a court rejects the constitutionality of a law, it should not attempt to fix the problem, rather it should remand the matter back to Congress for revision. Unfortunately for justice, courts often fail to enact constitutionally mandated restraint.

What did Justice Harlan Fiske Stone say was the main restraint on the supreme court?

The justices' own sense of restraint

Justice harlan fiske stone states the main restraint on the power of the supreme court is?

The justices' ow sense of restraint

Having to do withcourts or the administration of justice?

that's judicial

What branch are the interprets the law and adminsters justice?

The Judicial Branch of the United States government administers justice. The judicial Branch includes the United States Supreme Court. The states have lower courts as well.

Advocated social justice and the end of economic and political inequalities?