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Sacagawea is placed on the gold dollar

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Q: Who is on the front of the gold dollar?
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What is the value of a gold dollar with woman and papoose on front?

This is a Sacagawea dollar coin. It's not gold and is just face value.

What president is on the gold dollar coin?

The coin is brass not gold, the names are on the front of the coin.

How much is a 2000 gold dollar with a woman and baby on the front of the coin?

It's a Sacagawea dollar, it's NOT made of gold it's made of brass and is just a dollar.

Who is on the back of the gold dollar?

A lady with a baby on her back is on the front of the gold dollar coins and a lady bending down to the plant is oat coin

How much is a gold liberty haudenoosanunee dollar worth?

The Iroquois, also known as the Haudenosaunee is the name of a people not an individual. The woman on the front of the coin is a depiction of SACAGAWEA, hence the name Sacagawea Dollar. The coin is NOT gold and only worth a dollar.

Picture of a gold 2000 dollar coin with eagle on back and Indian on front value?

2000 was the debut year for the Sacagawea dollar ,and there are millions of them. It's worth one dollar.

How much is a gold dollar with an Indian women and papoose front eagle on the back dated 2000 mint in P?

This is a Sacagawea $1 dollar coin but there is no gold in it.The coins are still in circulation today.Value is $1.00.

What is the value of a 1 dollar gold plated coin with Sacajawea on front eagle on back for year 2000?

It's not gold plated the Brass in the coin gives it that color and it's not worth more than a dollar

How much value is in an 11 year old gold 1-dollar coin?

If you are referring to the Sacajawea "gold" dollar coins with an Indian on the front and an eagle in flight on the reverse. It is only worth $1. It is not gold, but rather an alloy of brass and has no value beyond face value.

How much does it cost to buy a gold dollar?

The price to purchase a gold dollar would be one dollar. The price of gold fluctuates constantly but a dollar is a dollar either way. To find the current price of gold one can check the stock prices where gold is listed.

What is the value of a 1972 US Gold Dollar?

There's no such coin. If you have a large (38 mm) coin with a picture of President Eisenhower on the front, it's an ordinary copper-nickel dollar that was plated with a tiny amount of gold, and has no extra value except as a curiosity.

How much is a liberty gold dollar worth?

One dollar, and there's no gold in it.