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Daniel Inouye is the President pro tempore of the U.S. Senate.

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He is the person that presides over the Senate when the vice president isn't there.

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the Vice President

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Q: Who is president pro temp of the senate?
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Who is in charge of the Senate if the Vice President is absent?

the president pro temp

What position does the vice president of the unites states hold in the senate?

President Pro Temp

What position does the vice president of the United states hold in the senate?

President Pro Temp

Is the president pro temp ore an officer in the house?

No- he is a member of the US Senate.

When the US Vice President is absent who presides over Senate meetings?

When the VP is not present, the President Pro Tempore presides over the Senate. By custom, the Senate elects the most senior Senator of the majority party to be the President Pro Temp. What ends up happening though, is that the position it delegated to the majority party's junior Senators so that they can learn about how the Senate floor works.

Who is the president for the both president and vice can not?

After the vice president it is the speaker of the house( currently Nancy Pelosi). After that President Pro tempore of the senate( the person who is president of the senate when the VP is not). After the president Pro temp it is each cabinet member in order of their creation.

Who is the the temporary chairman of the Senate?

Presdent Pro Temp

How long is the term for president pro tem senate?

The pro temp is elected by the Senate at the beginning of each Congress. By traditional he serves until his party loses the majority or he leaves the senate. There is no set term for this position.

What are Rules for ascendancy to president?

First is the Vice President, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives. these I'm sure of. I think third in line is the Senate Majority Leader or it may be a person of the senate called the president pro temp?

Who becomes presibent if the vice-president dies?

The next person in the order of succession after the Vice-President is the Speaker of the House, then the Senate's President Pro Temp, and then the Secretary of State.

Who presides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice-President?

The President pro tempore is the second highest ranking official of the United States Senate . He is a senator who is elected to his position by the Senate.In actual practice it is not unusual for the vice-president and pro temp to both be absent. In that case another senator or, I think, one of the staff serves as time-keeper and keeps track of who has the floor.

The president o f the Senate is called?

The person that is known is the vice president.