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an advocate

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Q: Who is someone who represents another person?
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A person who represents another person?


What is an overseas agent?

someone who represents his country in another country

What is the English translation of the word 'avocats'?

The word "avocats" translations to "advocates" . The word refers to someone who represents or pleads for another person such as a lawyer, or caregiver.

What does the word Double speaker mean?

A double speaker is someone who speaks on behalf of another person or entity with their authority or permission. This term is often used in diplomatic or formal contexts where one person represents the views or statements of another party.

What is the antonym of the word agent?

An agent is someone that represents another person or acts on their behalf. An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. Antonyms for the word agent include customer, client, and courtier.

Why is the phrase attorney at law used?

An attorney-at-law is a person with a law degree that represents people in legal matters. There is another kind of attorney, though. An attorney-in-fact is someone who is granted power of attorney with respect to another person's affairs. An attorney-in-fact is not necessarily a lawyer, just a person who is empowered to make decisions for someone else.

Who is a person who represents his or her countnry in another country?

This person would be considered a diplomat

What is 1 word that describes a person who represents his or her government in another coutry?

an ambassador

What do you call someone that is falsely accusing another person?

Someone who falsely accuses another person is often referred to as a liar or a false accuser.

Which statement represents the following Euler diagram?

If someone lives in Austin, then that person lives in Texas.

What does someone mean?

it means you or another person!

What is the meaning of a US Representative?

A representative is someone who represents someone or a company ect. Example: If your school were to have a meeting with the government, you cant send everyone. So one person goes and represents your school.