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Q: Who is the first president to be sworned in by his father who was a justice of the peace?
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Why was Manuel Quezon considered as The Father of Social Justice?

Manuel Quezon is considered to be the father of social justice because he was one of the first people to want social justice in his country. As president of the Philippines he fought to make laws to help the people.

Which chief justice also acted as president of india?

Justice Mohammad Hidayatullah is the first Chief justice of India, who also acted as President of India.

Who was the first president to have a father who was president?

John Quincy Adams was the first president to have a father, John Adams, who had been president.John Quincy Adams, 6th president, had John Adams, the 2nd president, as his father.

Who was the first president whose father could vote for him?

John Quincy Adams was the first president whose father was still alive when he ran for president.

Who was the first president to become a supreme court justice?

The first (and so far only) US President to have also served as a Justice of the Supreme Court was William Howard Taft, who was appointed Chief Justice by Warren Harding.

Who was the first president of International Court of Justice?

nagendra singh

What president was short and fat and was the first president to father another president?

president George Washington

What number president was John Jay?

John Jay was the first Chief Justice. He was president of the Continental Congress, but not a U.S. President.

Who swore in Calvin Coolidge as president?

His father, John Coolidge, swore in him the first time when Harding died suddenly and he was visiting at home. Chief Justice William Howard Taft swore in him the second time in 1925 when he began a term of his own.

Who was the first President to have been born after the death of his father?

Andrew Jackson was the first President to have this unfortunate distinction.

Who was the first woman president in the world whose father had been president?


Which president from the US is the first black?

The current President Obama had an African father.