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Q: Who is the founder of electricity?
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Who are founder of electricity?

electricity was found by Benjamin Franklin

Who was the founder of electric?

There was no founder of electricity. Lightning is the first electricity, Thomas Edison just put it in a light bulb.

Who was the founder of the x-ray?

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen observed it in 1895 while experimenting discharge of electricity in air.

Who was the founder of the monopoly?

The founder of the monopoly was in the 19th century in the US with Bell Light company. They were the only providers of electricity in the entire world. This therefore generated the first monopoly that mankind ever knew.

What is a founder in AQW?

he said what is a founder not who is a founder. A founder is a person who helped create the game

Who is the founder of Hinduism?

There is no founder of Hinduism.

Who is Shintos founder?

no founder

Who was the founder of Cyprus?

There was no founder

Which religion has no single founder?

Hinduism has no single founder, but Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Chrisianity have a Traditional Founder. Judaism founder is Abraham, Buddhism founder is Siddhartha Gautama, Confucianism founder is Confucius, and Christianity founder is Jesus.

What is James maxwell the founder of?

Electromagnetic theory, a branch of physics involving electricity and magnetism. Maxwell produced a mathematical theory linked the two physical effects in a unified theory.

Is chris whitten the founder of WikiAnswers?

he is not the founder of , but he is the founder of

Who is the founder of integers?

who is founder of integers

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