Who is the next full black president?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tyrell J. Watkins He has big dreams of become the worlds second African American President but the first full black president.

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Q: Who is the next full black president?
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Is president Obama full black?

He had one white parent and one black parent.

If president and the vice president cant fill out their terms who is next in line?

Speaker of the house of Representatives. For a full list, visit this site: beachball45

Does the president always select the the next president?

No, in a democracy the president doesn't normally select the next president.

Will obama be the next president?

No. If he is re-elected, he will just be the same president. If Romney wins, he will be the next president.

Black college president?

Who was the first black college president

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Will America have a black president?

Yes, A part of America does have a black president.

Was there a Black Man as the first president?

No. Obama was the first black president.

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John McCain is the next President of the Untited States of America

Who becomes the next president if the president dies?

The vice president

Who is the next president if the president resigns?