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The President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Followed by several others....

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Q: Who is the next person in presidential secession behind Speaker of the House?
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If the speaker of the house dies then who is the president?

The same person who was president before the speaker of the house died. In the order of presidential succession, the president pro tempore of the Senate is next after the House Speaker.

Third in power for presidency?

the speaker of the house of representatives

What happens if the speaker of the house does not meet qualifications of the president?

I am guessing you are thinking about the presidential succession act. If anyone in the succession list is not eligible to be president, then that person is skipped past on the list . The president pro-tempore of the Senate is next after the House Speaker.

Can a person interrupt a speaker to amend a motion?

can person interrupt a speaker to amend a motion

Who serves if speaker of the house cannot?

A new speaker is elected if the speaker can not function.

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Who is the most influential person in the house of representatives?

Speaker of the House

When a person volunteers to help with a presidential campaign he or she is part of the what?

The presidential campaign

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A resource speaker refers to a person who speaks to a group of people and is a person you learn something from.

If both the president and the vice president can no longer serve who becomes the president?

The speaker of the houseIf both the President and vice president cannot serve, the next person in line is the speaker of the House of Representatives. This not always been the procedure. Soon after the country was founded, a law was passed that made the Senate president pro tempore the next in line after the president is not there. Later in U.S. history, the secretary of state was third in line. With the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, Congress returned to the original idea of having a congressional leader next in line. In 1967, the 25th Amendment was ratified. It established procedures for presidential and vice presidential succession.

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