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Q: Who is the president who claimed to be a voodoo priest?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Voodoo Vengeance - 1913?

The cast of Voodoo Vengeance - 1913 includes: Jack Bonavita as Voodoo priest

What is the name given to the voodoo priest?

The name given to a voodoo priest is "houngan" for a male priest and "mambo" for a female priest. These titles are used in Haitian Vodou, a religion practiced in Haiti and among the Haitian diaspora.

How do you become a part of the undead army?

Consult a voodoo priest.

What do they do with and to the dead in the religion of Voodoo?

If the dead was not a priest they don't do anything special with the corpse beside bathe it, dressed it and bury it.... I can't tell you what they do with the dead body of someone who was a Voodoo priest/ess.(you are not an initiate)

What are the important terms in voodoo?

There are many important terms in Voodoo. the most common ones are: Hougan(Voodoo Priest), Mambo(Voodoo Priestess), Asson(Sacred rattle and tool of the priesthood), Loa(Voodoo spirits) Vèvè( Symbols to represent a specific spirit. each spirit have its own vèvè.)

How do you use houngan in a sentence?

Houngan is a title given to a male voodoo priest in Haitian culture. An example sentence could be: "The houngan performed a ritual to connect with the spirits for guidance."

What actors and actresses appeared in Mahogany - 2011?

The cast of Mahogany - 2011 includes: Ciaran Birks as Driver Benjaminn Gunter as Voodoo Scott Lesinksi as Priest Scott Lesinski as Priest Travis Mullen as Satanist

Date voodoo recognized as a religion?

It originated thousands of years ago in Benin.

The founder of voodoo?

no one person can be claimed founder. its really a religion called Vodun, which can be traced back to the Yoruba peoples in West Africa in the 18th century of present day Benin. "voodoo" has been created by common misconceptions of the actual religion.

How do you get reed of a curse that was made in Islamic country?

C.K. Meador claimed that people who believe in voodoo may actually get sick and die because of their belief ("Hex Death: Voodoo Magic or Persuasion?" Southern Medical Journal 85, no. 3 (1992): 244-47).

What was Many claimed that America was post-racial after?

Many claimed that America was post racial after Barack Obama was elected president.

Who was Haiti's priest president?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the first democratically elected president of Haiti.