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I believe our Tribal leader to be April Rushlowe. She may have married however she is the daughter of Chief Homer St. Francis. Swanton Vermont .

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Q: Who leads the Abenaki tribe?
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What are the abenaki tribe climate?

The Abenaki tribe climate is mild, warm, and sometimes cold.

What shelter did the Abenaki live in?

what kind of living quarters did the abenaki tribe consist of or what kinda house do the live in is it a house or a tint

What totem pole do the Abenaki tribe have?

bear pidgeon beaver

What are the abenaki tribe spiritual beliefs?

The Abenaki Indian believed in a Supreme Being who believed created the earth. They kept very long hair which hanged loosely.

How did the Abenaki Tribe make clothing?

We stich clothes by yarn and a needle, the abenaki stiched clothes by hair and needle. Hope i helped :-)

Where was the Abenki Tribe?

The Abenaki tribe was mostly in New England. They lived in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire and on the top of Massachusetts.

What was Vermont major Native American Tribe?


Was the Abenaki tribe friendly people?

there considered nice to there friends but if they dislike you i wouldn't want to be near them :)

Where is the Aha Abenaki Helping Abenaki in Newport Vermont located?

The address of the Aha Abenaki Helping Abenaki is: 308 Union St 1, Newport, VT 05860-9639

What languages are spoken by Abenaki Indians?

The Abenaki people traditionally speak the Abenaki language, which is a member of the Algonquian language family. Today, there are efforts within Abenaki communities to revitalize and preserve the language through language revitalization programs. English is also commonly spoken among Abenaki individuals.

What were the Native American Tribes in the Northeast region of the US before the Pilgrims?

The Powhatan, Abenaki, Pequot, Haudenosaunee, Susquehannock, and the Delaware all lived in The New England Colonies.

What did the abenaki tribe travel by?

They travelled on foot, using snowshoes in winter, or by canoe using the many rivers and lakes as their highways - this was very much quicker than travelling on foot.