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Daniel shays

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Q: Who led a farmer's rebellion over state taxes?
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What did masssachusetts farmers rebel against their state legislature?

Following the War of Independence, the farmers in Massachusetts were left dispossessed of their land and bankrupt. In 1786, Daniel Shays sought help from the state legislature to ease the burden of the farmers. He and his fellow farmers were hoping for relief as instituted in other states. The current legislature refused to help and the Federal Government could not help because the governing document at the time was "The Articles of Confederation" which gave no power for the Federal Government to intercede. Shays had over 1,100 farmers who joined in. The Shay's Rebellion was about blocking court from sitting to hear the cases of farmers ready to lose their land. The rebellion became violent and the Governor of Massachusetts, James Bowdoin, sent in the militia. The rebellion had ended but the voices were heard as Massachusetts elected a new legislature who enacted relief programs for the indebtors.

How do state constitution control the economy?

State constitutions control the economy because they decide how to raise and spend taxes, and that is how state constitutions control certain aspects of the economy.

What Rebellion caused the leaders finally to call for a Constitutional Convention?

OK so here's how it really happened. Shays Rebellion- All of the farmers rebelled because the government was not helping them financially. They burned down government buildings. Congress had no right to stop them and had no control over them according to the Articles of Confederation, so they just watched the in terror. THIS BROUGHT EVERYONE TO REALIZE THAT THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION WAS TOO WEAK. The convention was called to fix it but we realized that it had too many flaws and just created a new constitution. Hoped that helped :)

What was the purpose of the Pontiac's Rebellion?

To take over British forts.

Which level of government has the greatest impact on you quality life?

In the United States, the federal government has taken over practically ever aspect of government. It collects most of the taxes and sends some of the money back to state and local governments with its strings attached.

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He led a farmer's rebellion over state taxes?

Its Shays Rebellion

Compare shays rebellion with the whisky rebellion?

Shay's rebellion and the Whisky rebellion were both armed rebellion over taxes.

What started Shay's rebellion?

Shay's Rebellion grew out of the fiscal practices of the state of Massachusetts. Following the war, a former Continental Army soldier, Daniel Shays, led a revolt against what he and other farmers believed was economic tyranny. The post war depression had hit farmers particularly hard, and many lost their farms to debt. The rebellion attempted to over- throw the state government, stopping taxation and foreclosures, but was put down.

Shays' Rebellion was fought over?

High taxes and judgments for dets

How did the shays rebellion happen?

Shays rebellion happened because enraged farmers were angry about taxes and debts. As a result of no money, their land was taken from them. They revolted against the Supreme Court and captured the building so no citizens would have to pay their dues. They were later all later captured and killed by a local miltia.

How was Cary's rebellion different from culpepers rebellion?

Cary's rebellion was fought over religious issues, while Culpeper's was fought over whether colonists should pay certain taxes.

How was Cary's rebellion different from culpeper's rebellion?

Cary's rebellion was fought over religious issues, while Culpeper's was fought over whether colonists should pay certain taxes.

How Cary's rebellion was different from culpeper's rebellion?

Cary's rebellion was fought over religious issues, while Culpeper's was fought over whether colonists should pay certain taxes.

What was the result of anger over between shays rebellion and the bostons tea party?


What caused farmers in western Pennsylvania to revolt during the whiskey rebellion?

Simple. The chief crop was corn. It was difficult to transport anything by wagon over the Indian footpaths along mountain ridges. It was cheapest to make whiskey from corn and more profitable to transport it over the mountains to the east. Whiskey stills were prominent businesses, just as important as the blacksmith, saddler, and undertaker. When the government wanted to tax whiskey, it would have deeply cut into farmers' profits. The Whiskey Rebellion was a major fight against taxation.

What was the whiskey rebellion all about?

The Whiskey Rebellion is all about the farmers and a few citizens getting mad over taxes on the whiskey. It is also about the government not allowing farmers to turn there corn into whiskey. George Washington decided he was going to end it himself. So he gathered up some troops and headed down towards all of the rebels. But when he got there they had all dispersed, knowing that it was George Washington coming down there to stop them.

Is it true shay's Rebellion was an armed uprising of western farmers who were enraged over economic discontent and heavy taxation?