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Q: Who lost a 50 pound bet on outcome of the revolutionary war?
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What is the difference between the phrases 'I bet you' and 'I bet on you'?

When you say 'I bet you...' in a real or figurative way, you are making a bet with someone on the outcome of something. When you say 'I bet on you', you are telling someone that you believe they will succeed or win.

What bet has dare lost?


What to do if you lost a best and have to dress like a girl for one week?

Do it, it's a bet, and if anyone says anything say you lost a bet, which you did.

Who were the losers of the American Revolutionary War?

everybody that participated in the bet about who wanted to lose

How bookies benefit from spot fixing in cricket?

Bookies benefit from a known outcome.When a bookie knows what's about to happen, he can persuade his clients to bet against the known outcome, allowing him to pocket more money from lost bets.

What is a bettor?

A bettor is a person who makes a bet, such as a wager on the outcome of a game of chance or a sporting event.

Why did Georgia become part of the US?

They lost a bet.

What season did Arnold the paper boy appear on the Flintstones?

I think it was season two, the BET BET BET episode where Fred has the gambling problem. He made a bet with Arnold and lost.

What is the past tense of bet?

Bet is one of those verbs that has the same word for present past and past / bet / betI bet on the horses.I bet on two horses yesterday.I have bet on the dogs before but I lost money.

What does to settle a bet mean exactly Thanks?

It means you lost the bet and it's time to pay up, or you won the bet and it's time for you to collect.

What part of speech is bet?

Bet can be used as a noun or a verb. Noun: The man placed a bet. Verb: He bet all his money and lost.

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