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I think it was Wilmer McLean.

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Q: Who owned the Appomatox court house at the time of the civil war?
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What is an fact about the civil war?

The first LAND battle of the US Civil War was at the Battle of Bull Run. It took place on a farm owned by the McClean family. Following the battle, they were so horrified by the destruction, they sold their farm, and moved away to Appomatox Courthouse, VA, where they bought a house. In 1865, when Gen. Lee signed the surrender to Gen. Grant, it was signed in the parlor of the McLean home- in Appomatox. The war started- and ended- on property owned by the same people.

What does McLean have to do with the first battle of the civil war?

He owned the land on which the Battle of Bull Run was fought. And he also owned the house at Appomattox Court House where Grant took Lee's surrender - the first and last battlegrounds.

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The house were lee surrendered to grant was owned by this man?

The house where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant was owned by Wilmer McLean at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. This same man owned farmland over which the Battle of First Bull Run was fought.

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Arlington was owned by Robert E. Lee, but was surrendered as part of the terms at the end of the Civil War. His wife also was related to George Washington through his Martha Washington's children from her first marriage.

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